Saturday, June 25, 2011

So You Want To Become A Professional Makeup Artist?

Well I understand you! J You have probably played around with makeup your entire life, watching your mother and/or sisters and you have a real passion for it. Yes, that was me so many years ago. Well, my first recommendation that I always give to people like yourself is that you really should go to a state board - official - beauty school. Get your license. Beauty school teaches you the basic fundamentals, use of tools and instruments and most importantly, the safety and sanitation requirements mandated by state law.In this day and age, people are very quick to sue you for something. The last thing you want is someone to sue you because they saw you drop a tweezer on the ground and forget to clean it before putting it back on your table. Another example: using old eyelash adhesive which smelled really foul and should have been thrown away. Washing your hands in between each client is a must do. These are the kinds of things – and so much more – that you will learn in this type of institution.

Once you have learned the basics then try to attend one of the more glamorous makeup school or seminars. Practice all the time on your friends and volunteer to do makeup whenever you can to hone your craft. Remember makeup artistry is like being a regular artist and you need to practice to get really good at it. I recommend buying some of the popular books on the market today – published by some of your favorite celebrity artists.

You will need a tool box of course and this consists of many things. Expect to spend a lot of money initially as it’s quite shocking how much this adds up – but worth every penny. Get a good sturdy case and possibly with wheels. I’ve gotten to the point where my load is so big that I’m actually working out of a regular sized black suitcase – but you can buy your own personal preference of course. There are many good lists available on the internet for all the basic tools to get started. Of course, a good brush set with minimum of about 10-12 brushes. All of your disposable items: sponges, mascara wands, tissue etc… Then of course, you will need all of your categories (foundations, blushes, lipsticks etc) and shades in each one. Whew… the list seems endless doesn’t it? But I recommend starting outwith the basics. But one important thing I learned to do and became REALLY good at fast was custom color blending. With a limited amount of product I was able to custom blend and create any color I wanted. I actually have an artist “color wheel” in my makeup bag – its priceless. I refer to it still o

nce and awhile. A great skill to have – custom blending - especially when you accidently left your favorite royal blue shade sitting at home on the counter! J

Best of luck to you my dear friends on your professional makeup artist journey!!!