Monday, March 21, 2011

Fashion Do or Don't: Sparkly Tights, Itty Bitty Skirt

While I've been a fan of lacy, patterned tights for years, their metallic sisters have never made it into my wardrobe. Whatd'ya think, Should we give shimmery stockings another chance?

Giuliana Rancic rocked them over the weekend, which got me thinking about their wearability:

In black, they're subtle and only really noticeable up close: Though it's still a bit much with animal print and a lace top, no? Still, I do like the way Giuliana kept it mostly monochrome (despite the different patterns), like Gwyneth Paltrow did when she tried the style:

Between both the ladies, those seemed to be the two rules: keeping the outfit in the same color family, and sporting shoes the same color as the tights (to elongate the legs— which are definitely front and center as a focal point!) Beyond that, though, it was definitely a bit "anything goes"— which is maybe what you're supposed to do when trying such a fun and festive look..

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