Thursday, March 31, 2011

Overplucked Eyebrows?

I plucked off almost all my brows. Can I fill them in without getting a drawn-on effect?

Remember the three Fs: fill, fix, and feather, says celeb makeup artist Brett Freedman. First, pick a pencil that matches your brow color. Fill in the entire brow, not just bald spots — this is key to making sure everything blends together. Then fix extra thin areas (like where your outer brow connects to the arch) with more pencil. Finish by feathering out the color: Brush a clean mascara wand through each brow in short strokes to diffuse any harsh lines.

Monday, March 28, 2011

How about a Chanel look??

How about a “Chanel” look…very classy and elegant!

Use RHM’s “Red Hot” lip gloss by itself as a sheer red color and “Honey Pot” golden/bronze eyeshadow single all over the lids.

Keep the rest of the face neutral, by using our “Dual Cream Foundation” to customize your color.
You will for sure attract attention with this winning combination.

Being a supermodel is not difficult!!! ☺

Friday, March 25, 2011

Purple Eyeshadow Trend

Purple eyeshadow is a new trend and not just a thing of the past anymore!

With the right tips and techniques, you can rock it in any of your events all year round.

To achieve this look try RHM’s dark purple eyeshadow “Foxy” on the outer V, then blend light purple single eyeshadow “Seductress” on the bottom lash line.

Follow this up with a pair of sexy lashes and va va vooom HOTTIE!!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The 4 Best Hair Looks from Paris Fashion Week Fall 2011

Whether up, down, to the side or back in a pony, the best hairstyles in Paris had an organic quality, thanks to natural-looking texture and a slightly haphazard feel. In true Parisian fashion, though, no matter how imperfect the hair, it still managed to look incredibly chic. These are our favorite styles:

1. Rumpled waves at ChloƩ;.
The ChloƩ girl had a vibe that said, "I just rolled out of bed looking this good" and the hair certainly helped. The long, middle-parted waves were a bit rumpled, but also shiny with lots of volume at the ends. Hairstylist Luigi Murenu created the texture by applying John Frieda Luxurious Volume Mousse from roots to tips, then blow-drying to give the hair a little bend.

Using a large-barrel curling iron, he curled just the middle of one-inch sections. Both the top and very bottom were left straight and smooth, giving the hair a worn-in (but not grungy) feeling.

2. Gold-studded ponytails at Dries Van Noten.
Hairstylist Paul Hanlon literally put a ring on it for this look, adding a gold accent
around the base of the easy, messy ponytails. "During the fitting, I picked up these beautiful gold rings from Dries, and I put them on the hair, and he liked it," Hanlon said, adding, "the designer wanted it to look simple and effortless, and not feel like the hair had been touched by a hairdresser." To do this, Hanlon blew the hair dry, then massaged Bumble and Bumble Styling Lotion into the models' scalps for a full five minutes to give the hair an airiness. He created an imperfect center part and finger-combed the hair into a ponytail, roughing up the roots with a little dry shampoo. The tail was then tightly twisted to allow the antique-gold rings to be slipped on from the bottom up.

3. Side knots at Chanel.This chignon was way cooler than your average ballerina bun. "It has a boyish shape, with a low side part that is swept around into a side knot," said hairstylist Sam McKnight. He left the front layers hanging out, and kept the knot loose, not frozen in place—it bounced and moved as the models walked down the runway. Some of the models had decorative clips pinned onto or just above the knot.

4. Simple headbands at Valentino.
The black ribbon placed over the low ponytail was a definite hit. "It's a look, but without being heavy-handed," said hairstylist Guido. "It's easy, but it has a slight personality and glamour to it." Guido prepped the hair with Redken Velvet Gelatine 07, then blew it out with a round brush to add a bit of curl at the ends. He center-parted the hair, teased the crown for volume, and pulled out two side pieces in front of the ears. He put the rest of the hair into a low ponytail, then placed the ribbon behind the part (where the teased area began) and tied it behind the ponytail's base.

Which style do you love most?