Monday, August 16, 2010

What does makeup do for women?

Well....I've seen my share of different looking women over the years and spent a lot of time doing professional makeup. What have I learned?.......Well mostly I see a huge transformation happen on women when they get their makeup done. They become confident, strong and enamored with themselves. Sometimes they are in awe and won't put the mirror down.....I love that!!! But mostly they feel sexy! I do makeup at photoshoots, special events and weddings....and all of my ladies feel SEXY afterwards! ;-) So makeup to me makes a woman feel desirable and beautiful. Is there anything wrong with this? HECK NO! This is what it's all about ladies.....being the BEST you can be! I am a firm believer in this. Anyone who knows me - knows I love looking my best at all times (even at the gym...LOL). There is a certain pride in doing this....taking pride in your appearance! :D

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