Monday, August 31, 2009

Behind The Scenes At SHOP NBC studios

Wow - I just had the amazing experience of flying off to Minneapolis, Minnesota to work behind the scenes - doing makeup and more - for SHOP NBC. I had the best time working on celebrity host Dayna Devon and some other delightful ladies for a whirlwind assignment - 25 hours long. I say 25 hours long with no sleep in between! LOL Its always crazy behind the scenes of a television studio and with LIVE TV - but a great time had by all!!! Its so important for the people in front of the camera to look glamorous and gorgeous with HD TV. So I put my best makeup skills to use and applied the best looking customized makeup Ive ever done. Shown here you will see some of the woman (including Dayna) that I got to work on and also all the poeple that helped make the show a success! My makeup application technique is so long lasting and flawless that once its on my job becomes so much easier. I have special tricks and techniques to really make it last - even though the hottest of studio lights - and oily skin (the devil hahahha). I would love to share more makeup tips with you in more detail. Drop me a line and tell me what you need help with the most. I'd love to walk you through some detailed step by step techniques. This way every girl can become sexy and glamourus even at home! As you know... the right technique and the basic essentials product wise will give you an amazing transformation! I will be adding some pics and videos VERY soon!

Hey we ALL want to be beautiful dont we ladies? :)



  1. The things I need help with seem complicated. Can you help me hide imprfections like under eye dark circles and redness in my skin? Help!

  2. If you take any cream concealer and use a small concealer brush you can work magic. You dab a small amount of the concealer (slightly lighter than your skin tone) and swipe gently on the dark area. Let it sit for a moment and then use your fingertip to gently tap it into the area and blending it in. If you dont get the ideal look the first time then repeat again. One of my favorite concealers is NOC OUT by Redpoint Cosmetics. They make the color matching fool proof by providing you with 3 colors to choose from. You can customize the exact color by blending them together. This same technique works well on red spots on the face. Then I always follow up with a light dusting of loose powder to set everything in place.